Welcome to our new

Online Banking pilot experience.

Bill Pay is now available in the Online Banking Pilot.

Thank you for joining the Online Banking pilot. Now it’s time to experience the enhanced digital banking platform.

Here's a quick recap of what awaits you:

  • View the same online banking account activity as on the existing platform and conduct popular online banking functions. (Mobile app functionality will be added when the new platform launches.)
  • Toggle between old and new platforms so you can view balances and make transactions on either system. Any actions performed in one environment will apply to both current and future platforms.
  • Access features such as external transfers, recurring transfers and wires in the current system. (Use the “To Current” button to return to the existing platform.)
  • Watch for notifications when further enhanced functions like Bill Pay are added.
  • Search transactions, view statements and other eDocuments.
  • Transfer funds between internal accounts and use Zelle® to make person-to-person payments.
  • Request stop payments and view check images online.
  • View your profile and update your mailing address information.
  • Manage credit and debit card activity and notify us about travel plans.
  • Sample a variety of calculators and view your mortgage information.
  • Get account alerts, reorder checks and much, much more. 


Within the pilot, you can explore new Bill Pay capabilities by:

  • Clicking Payments on your main Accounts Page.
  • Clicking the Pay Bills tab on the Payments Page.
  • Once on the Pay Bills tab, you’ll find a display of payment recipients and setup summary options.
  • A new feature presents all eligible checking accounts to make the desired payment. (See example below.)

   Eligible accounts also appear in the current platform once you log in to the pilot Bill Pay function.

On the Pay Bills tab, you can easily make payments or view past activity:

  • Scheduled payments waiting to be paid on a designated date.
  • Payees listings with the ability to add payees, delete payees, or edit existing information.
  • History displaying previous payments made to each payee.
  • E-Bills showing payees eligible for electronic billing, as well as setup and edit options.
  • Quick Actions for speedy completion of desired transactions.

Make payments and view Bill Pay activity within the current or new Pilot environment. Use caution to avoid making duplicate payments in both systems. You may be prompted for a One-Time Passcode (OTP) validation when first accessing the pilot’s Bill Pay functionality.

Important Notes:

  • If you encounter an issue within the Pilot, please complete your transaction in the current system. Log your concern using the Pilot Survey instead of contacting the Customer Care Center.

Online Demos

Explore our demos to learn how to easily manage your finances at home or on the go. All demos are displayed in a mobile view, but they are also applicable for the Online Banking pilot experience.

New Online Banking Overview


My Acounts Overview

eDocuments Overview

Mobile Banking Overview


Enroll in Zelle

Send Money with Zelle

Request Money with Zelle

Split the Bill with Zelle


When you travel


Bill Pay

Mobile Deposit

Pilot Is Now Available

This pilot will continue until the new Online Banking experience launches in 2021.

When you’re ready to begin your pilot experience,
remember these troubleshooting tips:


Use Google Chrome as your browser for an optimal experience; using Internet Explorer 11 may result in compatibility issues with the pilot experience.
The new platform is about 65% complete, so you can expect to see some feature and functionality gaps, which are under development. We will keep you informed as new features are launched in the pilot program.
Any functionality not appearing within the future platform can still be performed within the current system.
At times we will be adding new functionality. When adding these new features or during general system maintenance, the “To Future” link that takes you to the new Online Banking platform will be removed from your view. The link will be restored once maintenance is complete and the system is available.

You’re now ready for the pilot experience!
We look forward to your feedback.


You will need to log in to the current platform (just like you do today). Once you are in, look for the colored “To Future” button located in the upper right corner. Click on this button to go the new experience.

Click on the My Account tab. You will see a colored “To Current” button. Click on this button to return to the current application.

As of July 30th, about 65% of the planned functionality is available in the pilot.  We will continue to add functionality as it becomes available. If a desired functionality is missing, you can easily return to the current application to complete that function. All transactions completed in either system will record in both systems.  

As of July 30th, the following functionality is available in the pilot. We will continue to add new functionally as it becomes available.

  • View account activity
  • Transactions search
  • eDocuments which including statements, notices and select tax documents,
  • Transfer money between accounts you own (internal transfers)
  • Quick transfer widget
  • Zelle payments
  • Request copies of statements or transactions
  • Request stop payments
  • Viewing check images
  • Download account activity (deposits, loans and credit cards)
  • View your customer profile (including email and phone number)
  • View mailing address and submit address change requests
  • Travel notifications
  • Manage card activity
  • Links to other services:
    • Financial calculators
    • Mortgage information
    • Payoff calculator 
    • Access loans payoff quotes and principle-only payments
    • Access to Contact Us and Agreement Center               
    • Alerts setup and management
    • View business accounts (if on consumer profile)
    • Check reordering

All the top browsers will work with the pilot (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer) but there have been issues with Internet Explorer 11. Use Chrome for best results.

Participants will NOT be allowed to enroll in Bill Pay during the pilot. Once the pilots completed, all customers will be able to enroll in Bill Pay.

Participants must add a mobile phone to their Online Banking profile prior to the start of the pilot. If you already have the desired mobile phone in your Online Banking profile, you may enroll to receive SMS Alerts within the Pilot experience. Pilot participants will not be able to make changes to their existing customer profile during the pilot.

If the functionality you are looking for is not currently available, return to the My Account tab and click on the colored “To Current” button which will return you back to the current application where you can perform your transaction. We have not removed any functionality in the current application, so anything you could do prior to the pilot can still be done there.

No. In the new platform you can view your customer profile,  but you are not able to make changes to your Login ID, password or customer profile.  This is to ensure that your identifying information stays synced between the two platforms.

Not currently. Future dated or scheduled transactions are unavailable in the pilot.

No. Only internal transfers within your own accounts can be made in the pilot at this time.

Wire transfers are not currently supported in the pilot.

Yes. The same functionality from Online Banking will be available within Mobile Banking. This app is currently in development and will be available when we launch the new Online Banking platform in 2021.

No. The new mobile app is in development; if you’d like, you can download our current mobile app for the existing Mobile Banking environment.

Secure Messaging is currently not available.

Other Pilot Notes
In some instances, you will see messages that state “Currently Unavailable.” If you ignore these notices, your experience may be terminated, and you will have log back into Online Banking.

Customer Service