Experience New Digital Banking


It’s here: Digital Banking redesigned for the future.

Zions Bank® has updated our Online and Mobile Banking application2 with next-generation functionality. We’ve introduced a fresh interface, streamlined navigation, and additional tools to help you reach your financial goals.

Dedicated assistance for this new application:

If you have forgotten your Username or Password and have not signed in to the new application:

  • Please contact our Customer Care Center to have a new Password generated for you. Call 855-848-2929, Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. MT. and a specialist will help you access your account.
  • Please do not use the online Self-Service tools until you have successfully signed in to the new application. You must have a successful sign-in before using these tools.

When you sign in for the first time:

  • If using a web browser, access Online Banking at zionsbank.com. To use the Zions Bank Mobile Banking app, download it from the Apple® App Store or Google Play®, when available. If your mobile device is set to “Automatic Downloads,” the app should update automatically.
  • Sign in with the same Username and Password as before.
  • If prompted to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) when you sign in to the new Digital Banking application for the first time, follow the steps below. You also may access a more complete step-by-step process at https://www.zionsbank.com/personal-banking/digital/digital-banking/mfa-tutorial/.

1. Select an email or mobile phone destination to receive your verification code.
2. When you click the button to have the verification code sent, you will need to open your email or messages application to retrieve the code while keeping your Online or Mobile Banking application active.
3. Write down or copy the verification code and return to the active Online or Mobile Banking application to enter the code.

  • After completing MFA enrollment, you’ll be presented with our updated Digital Banking Service Agreement and be prompted to accept or decline the agreement.
  • You also may be prompted to set up biometric authentication using Face ID®, Touch ID®, or Android Fingerprint, which can be used on supported devices.

The Wire template feature: This option is not available in the new application.

Online Wire Transfers, External Transfers, and Transfers to a Friend: If you are enrolled in Online Banking wire services, your recipients enabled for these transactions have carried over. Wires and Transfers history from the last 90 days will now appear. See your account history for transactions to or from deleted or inactive recipients.

Online Wire Services Change: All your deposit accounts that are Eligible Accounts, as defined in the Digital Banking Service Agreement, through Digital Banking will now be enrolled in the online wire service you have set up rather than just the specific deposit account(s) you indicated at the time of online wire service enrollment unless you contact Online Banking Support at 855-848-2929. (If you prefer, you can unenroll one or more Eligible Accounts from the online wire service by completing a new application and/or a Related Document.)

Enhanced Mobile Banking Built for Today

The updated app helps you bank and manage money when you’re on the move. The features you use in Online Banking will be available for Mobile Banking.

  • Make quick transfers and payments 
  • Make single or multiple payments at the same time 
  • Set up and manage your alerts 
  • Send and receive Secure Messages 
  • Dispute transactions and stop payments



It’s available for devices running on a supported Apple or Android Operating System (Apple iOS 12.0 or higher; Android OS 5.0 or higher). A device camera is required to download the app. If your mobile device is set to “Automatic Downloads,” your app will update automatically.


  • A single Digital Banking experience using any device, any time.
  • A colorful user display giving you easy access and a better view.
  • Quick Actions for transfers and payments right from the home page.
  • A single access page for balances, transactions, payments, and transfers.
  • Streamlined transfers for eligible accounts at this bank and other financial institutions.
  • More Bill Pay features for multiple recipients, eBills, and an extended payment history.
  • More than 40 alerts are available to notify you of important account and profile activity.
  • Easily apply for checking and savings accounts.
  • Homepage icons in Online Banking provide immediate access to your profile, alerts inbox, and Secure Messages.
  • Advanced security features, with more layers of account protection and mobile device access control.

With all these great features, there are more reasons than ever to use Online and Mobile Banking from Zions Bank. Not yet using Digital Banking?  Enroll now.


Built for You
A single experience across all devices

Advanced Security Features
More layers of protection to help safeguard accounts

Easy to Use
Navigation redesigned with you in mind

Text and Push Alerts
Account notifications setup with quick delivery options

Self-service for statements, tax documents, and more

Fast and Efficient
Quick Actions for payments and transfers

Security and Bill Pay Updates


Added Security Features

  • Additional protection with multi-factor authentication
  • More layers of identity verification
  • New security alerts

Bill Pay Upgrades

  • Features an updated display
  • Make payments quickly from homepage
  • Pay eBills from your mobile device
  • Create recurring payments in mobile
  • View an extended payment history

Demos for New Online and Mobile Banking


Mobile Banking Overview

Online Banking Overview

My Accounts Overview

eDocuments Overview

Enrollment and Authentication


Enroll in Zelle[cite::4124::cite]

Send Money with Zelle[cite::4124::cite]

Request Money with Zelle[cite::4124::cite]

Split the Bill with Zelle[cite::4124::cite]

Services, Settings, Alerts and Notifications

Travel Notifications



Alerts and Notifications

Money Movement

Bill Pay

Mobile Deposit


Bill Pay Template Guide
(Set up Payee Groups)

Frequently Asked Questions

Signing In, Authentication and Security

After successfully entering your username and password, you will be prompted to set up your first Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) destination. An MFA destination is an email address or mobile phone number where you can receive your Verification Code.

On your first sign-in, the system will default to the primary email address for your account. (You may have the option to enter a different email address, if prompted.) A system-generated email will provide the Verification Code needed to complete the MFA set up. It could take several minutes for the Verification Code to be received depending on your internet and e-mail service provider. The Verification Code is time sensitive and does expire. Please quickly locate the e-mail, which could be in your junk or spam folder, to avoid missing the expiration window for your Verification Code.

To complete the authentication process, enter the Verification Code you received in the email where prompted. After successfully authenticating the MFA destination, you will have a choice to enter another MFA destination or continue to your account. If you wish to add another email address or mobile number, follow the prompts on the screen as before. You can manage your MFA destinations at Settings > Security > Change MFA.

When you continue to your account, you will be presented with our updated Digital Banking Service Agreement (DBSA). Once you agree to the DBSA you will be able to continue to your account.

Most current usernames already conform to the security requirements of the new Digital Banking platform. In most cases, there will be no need to create a new username. Sign in with your current username just like you do today. If you have forgotten your username and/or password and have not logged in to the new application, you will need to contact our Customer Care Center for assistance.

If your current username does not conform to the new security requirements (e.g., you may not use a SSN/TIN/EIN, capitalization, or unsupported characters), we will attempt to contact you prior to the conversion to the new Digital Banking platform to make the updates needed. 

If you experience any difficulties while signing in the first time, please contact our Customer Care Center to help resolve the issue.

Online Banking Customer Service: 855.848.2929
Hours Available: Monday – Saturday 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. MT

If you experience any difficulties signing in, please contact Customer Care. We will happily assist you with the process to ensure that you are able to access your account. 

Your web browser recognizes our new Digital Banking experience as a completely new website. If you had your username and password saved in your browser’s autofill, the browser will not populate the information in our new website. If you don’t remember the username or password, you can find them in your browser’s Password settings and enter them into our new Sign On screen. You can follow your browser’s prompts if you would like it to remember your credentials again. 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an electronic authentication method in which a user is granted access to a website or application only after successfully presenting two or more credentials. These can be a PIN, computer-generated code, biometric (fingerprint or facial recognition), or another method that can confirm a user’s identity. The new Digital Banking experience uses several forms of MFA to help ensure your account is safe and help protect it from fraud.

A One-Time Passcode (OTP) is a security measure that sends a code through email or SMS text message to confirm a person’s identity. The code is a one-use, time-sensitive series of numbers entered as part of verification and is used to complete certain transactions. It differs from Enhanced Account Protection (EAP) because it doesn’t require you to remember a preselected PIN to enter along with the code. 

Enhanced Account Protection (EAP) is a layer of security used to help safeguard certain types of Online Banking activity. For years it has been used to generate a code that, when entered with a customer’s PIN, allowed customers to exceed certain account limits. The new Digital Banking experience will upgrade your security with the use of Step-Up Authentication for specified activities and transactions. The new security features of Online and Mobile Banking will identify potential threats to your account and prompt the entry of an OTP in order to continue. Step-Up utilizing OTPs offer more comprehensive security than the EAP measures used previously.

No. Due to the difficulty of remembering exact answers and their vulnerability to fraud, challenge questions have been replaced with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and the use of One-Time Passcodes (OTP). These security measures utilize a trusted device, such as a mobile phone or email address, to deliver a code that is valid for a single login or transaction. Used in conjunction with your account password, MFA helps provide a strong layer of protection for your account and sensitive financial information.

The new Mobile Banking app was designed with security in mind. Features like Multi-Factor Authentication and One-Time Passcodes help ensure only you are accessing your account. Additional biometric measures such as Touch ID® and Face ID® also are available if your device supports these security features.  

Mobile Banking App

The Mobile Banking app was completely redesigned to provide a seamless experience on any mobile device.  Many of the features previously found only on desktop are now available on the mobile app. Whether your device is powered by Apple® iOS or Android, enjoy robust Digital Banking functionality that is optimized for each screen. 

Manage all your finances wherever you go. Now you can use Mobile Banking to complete any transaction that can be performed in Online Banking, including:

  • Setting up, managing, and making one-time or recurring payments
  • Adding or removing payees and Transfer Accounts
  • Enabling online purchases using Visa® Click to Pay
  • Transferring funds from one account to another
  • Setting up, managing, or removing transfer accounts
  • Making quick payments and transfers
  • Sending wires (requires enrollment in Digital Wires Transfers)
  • Managing and paying through eBills
  • Depositing checks more easily using the friendlier interface

Use Mobile Banking for any action that can be completed in Online Banking, including:

  • Updating profile information
  • Accessing eDocuments, eStatements, and tax forms
  • Exporting transactions to CVS, PDF, or OFX files
  • Sending and receiving Secure Messages
  • Reordering checks
  • Setting up and managing 40+ alert notifications via push, SMS, or email
  • Managing Multi-Factor Authentication destinations
  • Finding and getting directions to the nearest branch or ATM based on your location

The exciting new app is at the forefront of Digital Banking and places full functionality in the palm of your hand.

D3 Mobile Banking Downloadable Application System Requirements:

  • Device must be on a supported Apple® or Android Operating System
    • Apple® devices require iOS 12.0 or higher
    • Android devices require OS 5.0 or higher
  • Device must have a camera

Yes. Your existing mobile app must be updated to the new Mobile Banking app when it launches. This typically occurs in one of two ways:

  1. Automatic Updates – If your device is enabled to automatically update apps, the mobile app should automatically update to the new version.
  2. Manual Updates – If your device does not automatically update your Mobile app, then you will need to go to your device’s app store (Apple® App Store or Google Play®) and tap “Update” for the Mobile Banking app within your device’s list of apps due for an update.

Either way, you will need to ensure your app is updated in order to continue using Mobile Banking.

To prepare for the transition to the new Digital Banking experience, our tablet apps for iPad®, Android, and Kindle were discontinued on January 20, 2021. After this time, tablet users will need to use a web browser to access Online Banking.

After the transition, there will be one unified, downloadable application that will work with any iOS or Android mobile device. Tablet and smartphone users also can access web-based Digital Banking by signing in using a mobile browser.

The Updated Experience

One of the many new Digital Banking advantages is a modern interface that is clean, intuitive, and optimized for an improved user experience on devices with various screen sizes. You will find easier access to the tools you need most for effectively managing your finances.

You will gain a modern design and intuitive interface that make managing finances even easier. Our new Digital Banking platform provides the same great experience, whether on the web or a mobile device. We’ve brought all the information together and made it easy to find.

You will find a similar interface and functionality on any device. Our mobile app was upgraded to provide the full functionality of our website. Manage your finances anywhere with our seamless interface.

No. Alerts and reminders will not migrate to the new Digital Banking platform because of the new, robust and customizable alert and notification functionality. You will be able to receive more than 40 different types of Alerts through email, SMS, and Push Notifications, simply by setting them up on your mobile app.

Yes. One of the many security features will be DocuSign® for electronic signatures. Initially, eSignature will be disabled for certain activities like the Wires application and a paper form will be used instead. However, DocuSign® will be integrated into the new platform after the initial launch period.

The new Digital Banking site and mobile app offer an improved customer experience for everyone, including areas relevant to accessibility standards. The enterprise strives to provide digital accessibility to the broadest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability.


When using a web browser:

Look to the upper right-hand corner of every page to see your username with a dropdown arrow next to it. Click on your name and then select My Profile to make changes in one convenient location.

This will bring you to the User Profile section of your Settings. Click the Change Contact Info button to modify or add email addresses and phone numbers, including enabling SMS on mobile phones (required for receiving notifications like Alerts). Click the Change Address tab to update physical and mailing addresses.

When using the mobile app:

Make sure you are on the Accounts Overview page, where you will see your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner. (This is the only screen of the mobile app where the icon appears.) Then select My Profile and tap Change Contact Info to edit.

On other screens in the mobile app, tap More > Settings > Profile > Change Contact Info button to add or edit email addresses, phone, and SMS numbers. Go to More > Settings > Change Address to change a physical or mailing address.

While on the Accounts tab, select an account name to access the account details page. Your masked account number will appear immediately under the account name at the top of the screen. Select the visibility icon to the left to reveal the full account number. To mask it again, click the visibility icon or proceed to a different screen. The account number is masked by default when you change screens.

There are two ways to hide an account from view:

  1. Access your list of accounts on the Accounts page, then select the gear icon next to the account type title (example “Checking”). A Display toggle button will appear on the accounts listed. Toggle the button to “Remove” account(s) from view, then select the Done button and the account will be hidden. To return the account to view, select the gear icon, toggle the button to Display, and select Done.
  2. You also can remove account(s) from view, both on the Accounts page and from other services (such as Transfers, Payments, Mobile Deposit, and more). Access this option by selecting an account, then selecting the Hide Account toggle. Once hidden, that account will no longer display on the accounts page or in other services. Return the hidden account back to view by selecting “Not Hidden” on the toggle.

Within Online Banking, Wires functionality was moved to the Transfers tab and can be found under both the Transfer Money and Transfer Accounts tabs. If you are not enrolled in the Wires service, you can go here to access the application form.  Access the form to send or enroll in Wires if you don’t yet have access. Future functionality will include the ability to request Wires access electronically using DocuSign®.

In the mobile app, scroll to the bottom of the Transfer Money or Transfer Accounts page. Look for Quick Actions, where you will be able to make Wires requests.

This service has been discontinued and the request is no longer available in Digital Banking. However, you can transfer funds electronically on the Transfers tab, or visit a local branch or contact Customer Care for assistance.

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